MOMO Hub Kit – Various Audi fitments

MOMO has just released a new collapsible hub kit which is suitable for various Audis:

A4 2001 to 2006
A5 1996 to 2003
A6 1996 to 2003
Q3 2011 to 2018
S1 2015 to 2018
S3 1999 to 2004
S3 2006 to 2012
TT 2006 to 2014

The MOMO MK8017R will fit these models and includes a set of fixing bolts for attaching an aftermarket steering wheel with a 6 x 70mm PCD.

The Momo MK8017R Hub Kit is produced in Italy from cast aluminium and retails from: £81.59 inc. VAT.

MOMO is the company that invented and market-launched the first collapsible steering wheel hub that we use today. Compared to a rigid hub, a collapsible hub can absorb outstanding impacts thanks to a programmed deformation; this dramatically increases the safety level in case of a collision. With the largest hub kit application catalogue in the industry, offering fitments for hundreds of different vehicles, why look any further for your hub kit than the pioneering MOMO range?

For more details contact Brown & Geeson Ltd.
+44 (0) 1268 764411 or visit their website:

Mini Spares – Competition Clutch Diaphragm

The original orange coded competition diaphragm cover has been unavailable for some time but, true to its mission to keep the classic Mini alive, Mini Spares can now supply an equivalent cover. This alternative has been manufactured from a new tooling by Borg and Beck; it has undergone stringent testing and is now being released on to the market.

The new competition diaphragm cover is now marked with a yellow paint code but retains the original part number: C-AEG481.

The C-AEG481 Competition Clutch Diaphragm Cover retails at £45.64 incl. VAT.

For more details contact Mini Spares on
+44 1707 607700 or visit their website:

­GAZ Tee Shirts

Be part of the GAZ Team with these new GAZ Shocks Tee Shirts. They come in GAZ Blue (what else would you expect?) with a GAZ Shocks logo on the front and the GAZ website address on the back. There are also Facebook and Instagram logos on the sleeves to remind everyone to follow GAZ on social media.

Send GAZ a picture of yourself wearing your Tee Shirt next to your car and you might find yourself featured on the GAZ Facebook page!

GAZ Tee Shirts come in various sizes and cost just £14.99 plus postage. VAT is included.

For further details visit the GAZ website:

­GAZ Adjustable GP Coilover Dampers for Lotus Type 47

The Lotus Type 47 was one of several incarnations of the Lotus Europa and had a Lotus-Ford Twin Cam engine rather than the Renault motor of the original Europa. It also had special suspension based on the Lotus 23/Lotus 22 Formula Junior with reversed bottom wishbone, top link and dual radius arms.

Not many were made (estimates vary from 55 to 68 during the years 1966-70), so it’s unlikely that you’ll find replacement dampers for a 47 at the local motor spares shop. However, GAZ can make fully adjustable dampers for most classic cars and the Type 47 is a prime example of what GAZ can achieve. Despite the complexity of the Type 47 front dampers , that can be seen in the photograph, this is not a problem for GAZ.

These specially made GP adjustable units are suitable for both for road and competition use.
They have a gas cell fitted in the outer reservoir to prevent cavitation of the oil and resist fade. They are ride height adjustable and the bounce and rebound rate can be set by means of an easily adjustable knob on the side of the damper body.

All units are available with bearings, as shown, and bonded or polyurethane bushes.

You might not own one of the few Lotus Type 47 models that are still around, but whatever you drive, be assured that, if it has tubular dampers, GAZ can probably build a set of adjustable, uprated GP dampers just for you.

For further details visit the GAZ website:

­GAZ Adjustable GHA Suspension for Honda Acty 4×4 Van

GAZ often gets asked to produce adjustable suspension for unusual vehicles, especially when even the standard replacement dampers are hard to find.

Recently it was asked to produce a fully adjustable suspension kit for a Honda Acty 4×4 Van. With the first custom made set produced, the kit has now been added to the company’s inventory in case other customers require a similar set.

The Honda Acty started off as a bit of an oddity; it was produced to fit into a tax bracket that was unique to Japan. However, the mini-truck/van soon became popular and was exported to the UK, North America and Australia and in 1983 a 4×4 version was introduced.

With 4×4 capability and small dimensions the 4×4 Acty has real ‘go anywhere’ potential. By adding a GAZ GHA Suspension Kit you can really explore that potential to the maximum.

GAZ dampers provide bump/rebound adjustability at the twist of a knob to cope with differing terrain, loading and driving styles. The front coilovers are adjustable to allow the ride height to be altered for off road or ‘highway’ use. The suspension spring’s rate can also be specified so as to suit the intended use of the Acty.

GAZ dampers are gold passivated or black plated and come with a durable plastic sleeve that will protect the dampers and keep them looking good and working well for long into the future.

All units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two year warranty.

GAZ GHA kit for the Honda Acty can be ordered as part number GHA537 and retails at £505.86+VAT

For further details visit the GAZ website:

­GAZ Adjustable GAI Strut Inserts for Ford Escort Mk2 RS

Given the age and the performance of the Ford Escort Mk2 RS it’s probable that any surviving models will be in need of new front strut inserts by now.

Instead of just replacing the inserts with original specification dampers you could opt for GAZ GAI inserts and gain the benefits of rebound adjustability and uprated performance.

GAZ GAI strut inserts are top adjustable by means of a removable knob. They are also available in various bounce rates depending on the intended use.

GAZ Strut Inserts for the Ford Escort Mk2 RS can be ordered as part number GAI-4103RS and retail at £92.20 each plus VAT.

For further details visit the GAZ website:

­GAZ Suspension for BMW 116 Trophy Race Series

GAZ is the title sponsor of the 750 Motor Club’s BMW 116 Trophy Series and the specially designed GAZ suspension system is a mandatory fitment for this series.

The front struts are fixed damping units with special valving to suit the spring rates that are also fixed.

The front ride height is adjustable by means of a movable spring seat.

The damping rate is only adjustable at the rear for equality, simplicity, budget and to reduce complications for newcomers. Adjustment is by means of a knob on the side of the damper which allows for easy fine-adjustment in the pits.

The front piston rods are machined slightly differently from the GAZ standard road version of this kit. This is due to the GAZ adjustable billet top mounts that are used in this series and are included in the kit.

The kit can be ordered as part number is GHA400T and is priced at just £525 inc. VAT and delivery to registered Trophy Series drivers.

The 750 Club tries to make this series as affordable as possible: roadgoing donor cars are available secondhand from just £500, and the total cost of mandatory parts is just £2225.
Full details of this very affordable race series can be found at:

For further details visit the GAZ website:

GAZ Adjustable Dampers for classic VW Beetle Dual Joint Suspension

The classic VW air cooled Beetle had two types of rear suspension – independent rear suspension and swing arm. Of these, the IRS came with either single or dual joints/swing plates.

Leading suspension specialists GAZ now offer uprated, adjustable dampers that have been specially designed for IRS Dual Joint VW Beetles and should fit most IRS models up to 1979 (although there may be exceptions in certain markets).

The dampers are bump and rebound adjustable and can be quickly adjusted by means of an easily accessible single knob on the side of the damper.

The dampers are built to the same standards as the ones that GAZ builds for race and rally use. So, although your Beetle may only be used on the road or on an occasional cross country excursion across a camp site the dampers will be able to cope with anything that you require of them.

The zinc plated body and the tough, flexible sleeve will also ensure that they are adequately protected from any grit, mud and dirt that is thrown their way in the process.

All units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two year warranty.

The GAZ GT dampers for IRS Dual Joint VW Beetles can be ordered as part number
GT5 2303 Rear and retail at 60.67 each plus VAT. This part also fits Kharmann Ghias with IRS.

GAZ can also supply front dampers or struts. Prices vary depending on the year/model.

For further details visit the GAZ website:

Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel for MGB

Here’s a way to extract some extra performance from the 5 bearing ‘B’ Series 1800cc engine as used in the 1968-1980 MGB without making any modifications to the engine internals.
A Fidanza lightweight flywheel can easily be installed when you replace the clutch and will bring the following benefits:
• Faster throttle response and quicker acceleration
• Additional horsepower to the wheels (reduced parasitic losses)
• Smoother, faster shifting
• Easier braking, better slowing (due to reduced rotational mass)
• Reduced clutch wear and improved efficiency (from better heat dissipation)
• Cost savings and longevity (thanks to Fidanza’s replaceable green friction plate – no need to replace entire flywheel when worn)
• Potential for increased fuel economy (if you can keep your foot off the gas!)
• Quality and reliability (made in the USA from top grade materials)
The Fidanza flywheel incorporates a 127 tooth ring gear and is suitable for the 4-Synchro gearbox.
The Fidanza flywheel can be ordered as part number 126801 and retails at USD $500.49 plus shipping and tax.
For more information on Fidanza’s aluminium flywheels, adjustable cam gears, premium clutches and other great products, or to find a dealer in your area, visit
In the UK Fidanza products can be ordered through Demon Tweeks.

Boom Mat™ Introduces Decoupling Washers Designed to Reduce Vibration Transfer

Boom Mat™, specialist in sound control, now offers an innovative way to control vibration between two metal parts.

Boom Mat Decoupling Washers are made from a polyurethane elastomer that works as a barrier between two metal bodies to help dissipate vibration, resonance and knocking.

Boom Mat Decoupling Washers are ideal for any vehicle, especially classics and kit cars. The washers can be used to decouple fuel tanks, wings or any metal body components to reduce engine and road vibration noise. The decoupling washers are also designed to work over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures ranging from -20°F (approx. -29°C) to 200°F (approx. 93°C).

Various sizes are available to suit almost any type of installation between metals for automotive, motorhome or power-marine applications. This includes: fuel tanks on motorcycles, body and wing mounts, domestic equipment and air-con mounts in motorhomes and much more, The washers are simply added between the two pieces of metals to reduce interior sound. The decouplers have a tensile strength of 2,400 PSI and a 67A hardness rating.

Boom Mat’s Decoupling Washers are available as:.
Part #050087 Assortment of 5 Different Size Washers, Qty. 35 washers
Part #050088 9/16” (1.42875cm), Qty. 10 pack
Part #050089 ½” (1.27cm), Qty. 4 pack
Part #050090 ½” (1.27cm), Qty. 10 pack
Part #050091 3/8” (0.9525cm), Qty. 10 pack
Part #050092 3/8” (0.9525cm), Qty. 10 pack

In the UK & Europe DEI’s Boom Mat Decoupling Washers can be ordered from

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