GAZ Adjustable Monotube Damper for Ford Escort Mk2

The team at GAZ have used their experience in classic Ford racing to produce a new adjustable monotube damper for the Mk2 Escort.

As its name implies this damper differs from other GAZ dampers in that it has a single tube construction as opposed to the usual twin tubes.

A monotube  damper has a larger piston and working area than a twin tube damper of equivalent external size. A monotube damper will also respond more quickly, be less prone to aeration and be less likely to fade under severe use.

A monotube damper will also react more quickly to aggressive movement with the sudden increase in internal gas pressure providing additional damping force.

The GAZ Monotube damper is suitable for road use particularly on cars with an engine transplant or extensive modifications but because of its higher performance capabilities it will really come into its own when used for serious racing, rallying, drifting, barrel racing and other events where rapid and harsh changes of direction are required.

GAZ Monotube front struts are available for the Ford Escort Mk2 as Part number GMO 006
price £295.00 plus VAT each

For further details visit the GAZ website:

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